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The Town Hall

You can hardly fail to see it, even if it is surrounded by clearly higher buildings: The old city hall of Santa Eulalia attracts the looks, not least because it is one of the last historical buildings of the town. Despite a long expansion phase, in which the small town shook its architectural roots almost completely off, the old city hall still represents the actual center. To its feet you find a small place with a fountain and stone banks, directly behind the main road, Carrer Sant Jaume, passes with its multitude of shops and restaurants. And when you come from the beach walking on the Passeig S’ Alamera towards the center, you inevitably finish ahead of the old city hall.

The renovated building consists of two plants and dates from 19th century, reflecting the typical architecture at the time on the island. Thus the frontage is characterized by five arcs, the roof is flat, the windows small. By the way, behind the two smaller arcs on the upper floor the mayor resides. At first the building still had another further function: It was guard and domicile of the Civil Guard equally. Nowadays the old city hall serves more for representation purposes. Although various local councils have their office besides the one of the mayor, and in the lobby the citizens (and tourists) are given all type of information. The important administrative matters are carried out since many years in the new city hall on the Carrer Mariano Riquer Wallis.

Plaza Espanya, 1

Central telephones: 971 33 28 00 – 97133 29 00 – 971 04 32 00 / Fax: 971 33 29 59

Servicios Económicos.

Fax: 971 33 95 18 / / /
Here you can find the city hall:

CASA CONSISTORIAL • Plaza Espanya, 1 • 07840 Santa Eulalia del Río •

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-14 h