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The Santa Eulalia River

He never got its own name and that as it is the only river on the Balearic Islands. Despite of that he got acknowledge with a denomination in the town name – Santa Eulalias complete name is Santa Eulalia del Río. The river never was a raging torrent, more likely a small stream. From its source below the 342 meters high Puig d’en Sopes close to Sant Miquel the river meanders itself 15 kilometers through the island down to its delta in Santa Eulària. After longer rain periods, mostly in winter and spring, the river leads the first three, four kilometers river upward a quite considerable quantity of water. Where the water builds up, you can measure depths of up to three meters. However, in the summer months the water nearly stays away above the Pont Vell, the old stone bridge.
The socio-cultural importance the river once had for Santa Eulalia, will be transmitted in the next future to the visitors of an information center in the mill recently renewed near Pont Vell (the old bridge). Up to the 60’s of the past century the river supplied the households of the town with water, by means of an ingenious system of irrigation channels that the Moors had left their conquerors. Usually the floodgates were opened once a week, after which the water was transported by mills to the town. The households then filled their storage tanks, in the summer the children were splashing around in the two large overflows, which still today can be seen on the Passeig S’Alamera. Last ones serve now as enormous flower pots for the palms that decorate the boulevard.