GHL Property Consultants

GHL Property Consultants
GHL Property Consultants
GHL Property Consultants

GHL Property Consultants

GHL is a professional Ibiza real estate consultancy based on the island of Ibiza, offering you an exceptional quality of assistance in all areas relating to real estate. Benefit from our in-depth experience and extensive network. Please get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Gould Heinz & Lang property consultants Ibiza is an owner-run real estate agency, working for a selected and limited amount of clients from many different countries. Our intention is that each new client is exclusively served by one of the partners, which guarantees that you will experience exceptional service and personalized care. GHL specializes in the sale and rental of Ibiza luxury properties, finca-estates, exclusive building projects, premium building plots, and off-market properties.
We can also offer business opportunities, such as both rustic and seafront hotels either ready to operate or to reform, plots for touristic usage and properties for use as bed and breakfast type set ups. Additionally, we can offer properties on the Spanish mainland for investors and property investment funds, which have become again highly interesting. Thanks to our excellent contacts and extensive professional networks, we are able to help acquire the right types of properties for our clients.

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  • GHL Property Consultants
    Paseo S’Alamera 11
    Santa Eulalia
    Phone 34 971 339 305

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  • Lu - Vi: 10 - 14 y 17 - 19 hrs

    Mo - Fr: 10 - 14 und 17 - 19 Uhr

    Mon - Fri 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 7pm

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