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Puig de Missa

On top of the hill, 52 meters over the sea level, stands in solitary splendor the fortified church of Santa Eulalia, this enormous whitewashed stone structure. The monument-protected place of worship originates from the 16. Century and was supplemented in the following centuries step by step by different elements and extensions. The two chapels were added during the 17. Century and the parsonage building still a little later. Structurally it was thereby also tried to divert the attention of the fortified character of the church.

The inside of the fortified church is dominated by the baroque altar, which was brought time ago from San Millán in Segovia over the sea. You will look in vain for further ornaments or splendor in this church. Around the place of worship a kind of small village developed in the past centuries. The few houses, that were constructed in row one next to another, are nowadays inhabited and offer a clear view of the landscape.

Today life only comes into the fortified church, if weddings are celebrated, during the May celebrations or when the Easter processions ascent the mountain. On usual Sundays the fair is visited only meagerly, as for most of the faithful the ascent is simply too cumbersome.